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Mercedes A45 GLA45 CLA45 AMG Catback Exhaust System 3″

Original price was: £699.99.Current price is: £599.99.

Mercedes A45 AMG W176 GLA45 M133 360bhp catback exhaust. Essential upgrade for M133 AMG Engine. Mercedes A45 GLA45 CLA45 AMG catback exhaust

Fitting is provided in our workshop only. You will need to bring the vehicle to us for installations.

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Mercedes A/GLA/CLA 45 AMG M133 360BHP Catback Exhaust can be fitted to M133 Engine. This engine as supplied from AMG factory has a resonators and muffler which reduces the sound of the exhaust. Whilst this is rated for the stock power band that the engine produces,  as you turn up the boost during remapping power of the car will be effected by the exhaust gases flow and increase in exhaust gases back pressure. This catback system will improve the exhaust airflow as well as the noise of the exhaust. Much crisper and sharper exhaust pops during gear changes.

Direct bolt-on fitment

– Disclaimer : Removing any emission control system from your vehicle such as, Catalytic converter, DPF, GPF, EGR, AdBlue, is illegal and only should be used for off road/ testing /racing purposes only, as this modification is MOT failure in the UK.

– Please note; Removing Catalytic converter may cause the engine management light to illuminate. ECU Remap will be required to code out the fault code flagged by the ECU for catalytic efficiency.



Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 2013-2018

Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG 2013-2018

Mercedes Benz GLA45 AMG 2013-2018

Installation Instruction;


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