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Mercedes A-Class W176 Water in Foot-well or Boot

Mercedes A-Class W176 Water in Foot-well or Boot – FIX

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Water ingress in foot-well or boot area in Mercedes A-Class W176. Applies to other models too.


First you will need to go around your, at each of the jacking points remove the cover and check to see the jacking pad is present. If you find a missing one it’ll look something like this:

order however many you need, same one go on either the left or right.

Part Number: A002 998 91 50

Next you will need 2x rear vent covers;

Part Number: A169 830 03 42

Next you will need to remove the rear bumper. this is easily done by removing the 4 bolts and multiple plastic rivets that hold it in place. there is one bolt in each of the rear wheel arches, 2 bolts under the car attached to the fire shield.
the plastic rivets are easy to remove and they are reusable so don’t throw them away. you will see them lining the edge of the wheel arch and going under the car.

Once you have removed the plastic rivets, grab one corner of the bumper and pull, there should be no tension at the bottom, only at the top. where you have to pull the bumper from it’s clips.

Once the bumper is removed, you should find yourself at this stage, with the rear vent clearly exposed:


Removal of the rear vents is easy and straight forward, start by removing the the outer trim

just press down on it and pull, it dose not matter if it gets broken. just get it off!

once removed its time to tackle the vent itself. grab hold of the vent and squeeze as hard as you can, it has points where it is clipped in, it should lift from bottom up.

Once the vent is removed, do the same on the other side. CLEAN the surface area all around make sure it is dry and ready for the new vents.

To prep the New vents to go on the car, you are going to apply the tiger seal to the inside of the new vents.

make sure you get plenty on there. this is a case where more is better

once ready, time to install the vent onto the car. just push it in place… do the same on both sides

once on, you can go ahead and reattach the rear bumper, reverse steps of when you removed it.

the jacking point
apply tiger seal to the new jacking point (more is GOOD)…

Simply push this onto the area needed, press the center in to lock it into place. job done

After this you will need to remove the carpets and dry them out.

Credit: aclassclub-xxx

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