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Range Rover Sport L494 Audio Navigation Problem

Range Rover Sport L494 Audio/Nav Problem

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Range Rover Sport Audio System not working / options are greyed out. Navigation doesn’t load and is stuck on initializing.


In order to conduct a fault finding you will need some Fiber Optic loops. Once you have the loops, you will then need to bypass each module along the fiber optic line.

Fiber Optic Loop Design”Remember! If one module is faulty or has no power, there will be no light outputted to the next module. AREA OF INTEREST”.

TS (Touch Screen) -> Audio Control Unit (CD Player) -> Amplifier -> “Navigation Module; Japan ONLY” -> DAB or SIRIUS Module “US ONLY” -> “Optional Equipment; Rear Entertainment system -> Instrument Cluster -> Fiber Optic Diagnostic Port -> Back to start (TS).

Light must transmit from the TS Module through the fiber optic and back. I.e if no light is detected at the cluster then one module is faulty alone the loop.

Once the Faulty module is identified double check the power to the module. if there is good power and ground then module must have internal fault and must be replaced.


Replace module OR wires based on findings.

Module Locations:

TS: Main Touch Screen assembly. Dashboard.

ACM (Audio Control Module: CD Player Unit Dashboard.

Amplifier: Under the carpet – Left hand Seat.

Navigation Module JAPAN: Under the boot carpet.

DAB or SIRIUS: Under the carpet in Boot – Left hand Side.

Rear Entertainment System: Under the Carpet – Boot.

Instrument Cluster: Above the steering wheel.

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